Your Basic Summer Essentials Kit!

Tendai Kamusikiri • 24 November 2015

The Summer season is always exciting; what with long sunny days accompanied with a variety of activities to do. Not only that, but everybody loves a good ol’ sunny day that gives you room to wear refreshing and trendy clothing that sparks everyone’s envy. But with Summer comes extensive heat, which can result in sweating and the undeniable fact of being sticky and having bad body odour. So what do you do when you have a long day ahead of you running errands and don’t want to come off as unhygienic to the next person in this heat? The answer is to hydrate and moisturize with the following simple tips!

Drink loads of Water

Drinking water helps retain moisture in your body lost through perspiration that takes place through your skin’s pores. [Perspiration is a scientific term for sweating]. It is recommended to take in at least two litres of water a day to stay hydrated and fresh. Not only that but it is a known fact that water does wonders to one’s skin!

NB: A quick suggestion is to spice up your drinking water by adding real fruit as flavouring! Cut up pieces of apples, oranges, pears, grapes or strawberries and add them to a jar of cold water. Add a few ice cubes and let it sit for about 30 minutes before consuming it. It truly tastes yummy!

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

Even in summer, one needs to keep their skin moisturized. Now the basic rule is usually applied in winter, where focus is placed on dry skin and chapped lips. But even that happens in summer too! Have yourself a small essential kit in your handbag that will include your;

  • Sunscreen - starting at SPF 15.
  • Hand lotion
  • Feet lotion - if you love wearing sandals to show off your feet, then it is advisable to invest in scented foot cream and/or lotion that helps with cracked soles and chapped skin from the heat.
  • Facial wipes – wipes are essential for removing makeup BUT they can also be a great substitute to wipe off accumulating dust and smug around your temple area, chin, neck and underarms.
  • Vaseline and/or lipbalm – it is recommended to carry both; the Vaseline and the lip balm; even if you prefer lipstick, you still need to moisturize!

Simple Care Instructions

Taking care of your skin isn’t limited to just moisturizing and consuming water, but also the physical aspect of shading your skin from the sun’s heat rays. Because as much as we appreciate the heat, it can have damaging effects to one’s skin.

  •  Don’t be caught without a good pair of sunglasses! It is best to carry lenses that start at UV400.
  •  Invest in a sunhat - Whether on a good hair day or bad hair day, a sunhat is a definite summer essential to shield from the sun’s rays.
  •  Wear minimal makeup – it is suggested to try as much as possible to wear less makeup during the day as it melts away quickly on a hot sunny day. Try to reserve makeup for indoor or evening events.
  •  Umbrella – we usually associate the umbrella with the rain, but the umbrella is a great substitute to the heat as well. If you are not keen on the bulkiness of carrying a big umbrella, invest in a small one that easily fits in your handbag.
  • Wear comfortable clothing – yes sometimes we maybe fashion slaves! But don’t compromise your comfort over fashion! Wear something that you can easily move in, that lasts you the whole day and one that makes you feel comfortable!
  •  Bath twice a day – it is recommended to bath twice a day in the summer; preferably morning and evening. Especially after long day, the surest way to refresh is a lukewarm bath in the evening. Accompanied by a good face wash and body scrub!

Now there is an extensive list to Summer skincare  (we could talk of manicures and pedicures, facial scrubs and tips to maintaining your hair), but the above list is just your basic essentials that at times, as individuals, we take for granted. Summer is definitely the season to bring your best style forward, but it is also the season where you need to have a good beauty regimen!

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